Over five hours of film showing
SECRET life of Adolf Hitler
- shot by his mistress Eva Braun

PLUS: My own exclusive film of the Berghof site TODAY!

oday, Adolf Hitler is known throughout the world as an evil tyrant. The image of him portrayed in films and on television is of a raving, ranting madman. But what was he really like? How did he behave and act when he wasn't acting his role as Fuhrer of The Third Reich? Well, now you can see the 'private' Hitler and get a glimpse behind the scenes of this extraordinary man's life.

Hitler's Home Movies.com presents over FIVE hours of home-movie footage of Adolf Hitler, members of the Nazi leadership, Eva Braun and her friends. All 8 of Eva Braun's original film reels have been reproduced on 8 individual DVDs. The films have been kept exactly as they appear on Eva Braun's original film reels.

The first 8 DVDs consist of the home movies Eva Braun filmed prior to and during the Second World War. Eva began filming with her movie camera in 1936 and she captured much footage of Hitler on the Obersalzberg - the mountain hideway on which stood the Berghof, the homes of other Nazi leaders and a vast complex of military buildings, including the SS. The films contain footage of Hitler with his Nazi comrades Albert Speer, Joseph Goebbels, Heinrich Himmler, Martin Borman and Reinhard Heydrich. The films show Hitler in various informal settings, garbed both in military and civilian dress. He is seen reading press reports, conversing with Nazi officials, greeting foreign dignitaries and strolling around the Obersalzberg.

Hitler is also shown playing with the children of Speer and Bormann; Eva is shown posing with her various dogs and picks flowers with the wife of Albert Speer. There is much personal, up-close footage of such infamous characters as Speer, Martin Bormann, Joseph Goebbels, Henrich Himmler and Reinhard Heydrich.

More than 70% of the footage in these DVDs have NEVER been seen on TV before!

These high quality films contain both colour and black and white footage, transferred onto DVD from the original 16mm film (no sound track because the original didn't have sound). They have not been edited in any way and are COMPLETE and UNCUT. More than 70% of the footage in these DVDs have NEVER been seen on TV before. Film companies have only used a fraction of the footage contained in these films - sometimes you only see a few seconds of a certain section of the footage. Now YOU can get the COMPLETE, unedited films in high quality DVD format. They are REGION FREE so no matter where you are in the world you will be able to play them.

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Free EXCLUSIVE Bonus Film!
After watching Hitler's home movies, you can see
what the SAME locations look like TODAY!

I have personally visited and filmed the site of Hitler's former home - where the famous Berghof on the Obersalzberg stood. This was the area that constituted the headquarters of the Nazi Party and in its heyday was a massive complex 2 miles east of the town of Berchtesgaden and some 1200 feet higher in elevation. A high fence was built around the entire area to keep the crowds away. 

This house became the basis for a later expansion that turned the peaceful, out-of-the-way Obersalzberg retreat into a huge complex of Nazi buildings, mostly closed to the public. Nazi leaders such as Hermann Göring, Martin Borman and Albert Speer had houses in this complex. There were many other buildings including: The SS Barracks,  Göring's Adjutant's house, The Eagle's Nest, SS Kaserne, The Platterhof, Kindergarten/Modellhaus, Hitler's Tehaus, Zum Türken , Main SS guardhouse, Greenhouse ,Kampfhäusl, Platterhof garage, Gutshof and more...

In this free bonus DVD, I take you through a guided tour of the whole Obersalzberg site as it today. It features an interview with  Dr. A.P. van de Bovenkamp - author of De Berghof. He visited the Berghof site in the early 1980's with Albert Speer. In this DVD he explains exactly where the Berghof stood, where all the rooms were and where the famous terrace, big picture window and stairs once stood.

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Below you will see a view from the big picture window of the Berghof (left) and a still frame from my DVD showing a similar view today, from virtually the same spot.

The Berghof Site Today DVD shows you the sites of Hitler's secret alpine retreat as they were then - and as they are NOW!


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